Adamas kicks off research cooperation with the University of Hildesheim

Adamas and the University of Hildesheim will join forces to research the cutting-edge field of Reinforcement Learning applied to Logistics.

Adamas - University of Hildesheim

In early December, Adamas has partnered up with the University of Hildesheim to conduct a joint research project in the field of Data Analysis for Logistics. The project, officially starting in mid January, will see four Master's students and one PhD student from the University of Hildesheim work together with Adamas for over a year.

The University of Hildesheim, located in the city of Hildesheim, northern Germany, hosts one of the most renowned and fastest-growing Data Analytics Master's degrees in the country, as well as a prominent PhD program in Machine Learning. With a research-oriented approach and a truly international atmosphere, the two courses attract hundreds of students from all over the world.

The research endeavor will be focused on the cutting-edge field of Reinforcement Learning for Logistics. Reinforcement Learning, a sub-field of Machine Learning, is concerned with developing algorithms that enable agents to optimize their behavior through interaction with the environment. While having proved particularly effective in such fields as autonomous driving, Natural Language Processing and gaming, Reinforcement Learning has yet to find its way into Logistics.

The Univerity's expertise in Data Analytics and Adamas' commitment to pioneering research in AI applied to Logistics will certainly align beatifully, and the results of the one-year-long project will surely have the potential to push the State of the Art of both areas.

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